How do you recognize a good settlement offer?

How do you know when to go to trial? 


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Whether you represent an insurance company, a corporation, a number of entities or a single individual, Jury Insights Online Research allows you to manage and limit your risk exposure, or maximize your potential outcome, at settlement negotiation or trial.

Alan J. Cohen, Ph.D.
Jury Insights

Alan J. Cohen PhD, a litigation consultant with 20 years of mock jury research experience, will personally work with you to develop every aspect of your project so you obtain your best possible study. Jury Insights Online Research can provide you with the answers you need to almost any question about jury reaction to your case.

Jury Insights Online Research is the best tool I’ve found for assessing case value. Not only is it faster and easier than doing focus groups, it captures the opinions of a much larger sample.
— K.G., Plaintiff Attorney

I have worked with Dr. Cohen on three recent matters. I believe that Dr. Cohen’s Jury Insights Online Research has provided our entity with reliable, high-quality tool for case assessment delivered at a lower cost than a focus group. I really appreciate his thoughtful and realistic approach to case assessment and value. He is an excellent resource.
— J.S., Insurance Company Executive
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Would you like to avert costly mistakes fighting losing battles?

Jury Insights Online Research uses 100 or more mock jurors in your research project, allowing you to ignore outliers and get a focused appraisal of the central tendency of the jurors most likely to make the panel after jury selection dismissals.

Jury Insights Online Research is an exceptional value, delivering more powerful information at a fraction of the cost of in-person conference room or facility based focus groups and mock trials.

Jury Insights Online Research delivers a highly efficient and fast turn-around approach to getting answers reflecting potential jury opinions.

Dr. Cohen’s Jury Insights Online Research provides a significant and unique tools for negotiation and settlement. The results obtained were instrumental in obtaining an early resolution of the matter.
— D.B., Defense Attorney

Why base your settlement or trial strategy on speculation when you can rely on forecasts of probable outcome?

As a long-time proponent of mock juries for appropriate cases, I would not hesitate to use the Jury Insights Online Research program again.
— F.F., In-House Corporate Counsel