Alan J. Cohen, Ph.D.
Jury Insights

Dr. Cohen is a trial and jury consultant with a doctorate in Communication Science from the University of Washington, 1978. From 1978 to 1993, Dr. Cohen practiced as a management consultant and psychotherapist. Since 1993, Dr. Cohen has worked as a trial consultant with hundreds of attorneys and legal cases in both State and Federal Court covering a wide range of areas for plaintiff and defense counsel in high profile civil actions, as well as criminal defense in death penalty cases.

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I would work with Dr. Cohen again and wholeheartedly recommend Jury Insights Online Research to other attorneys. The survey results - which turned out to be counter-intuitive to what we had anticipated - made a big difference in how we handled the case. With Dr. Cohen’s help, we learned how to separate favorable jurors from unfavorable ones... Dr. Cohen has an uncanny ability to frame questions that force potential jurors to reveal whether they are open to - or opposed to - [our] theory of the case.
— M.W., Defense Attorney

Dr. Cohen’s area of expertise is in helping the attorney assess and prepare his or her case by the application of psychology to litigation. His case preparation services include mock jury research, the construction of case themes and persuasive communications, voir dire strategy, supplemental juror questionnaires, in-court jury selection and witness preparation.

He has conducted surrogate jury research for hundreds of cases, covering the entire spectrum of plaintiff and defense civil litigation including scores of multi-million dollar cases such as the $4.2 billion settlement in the Washington State litigation against tobacco companies.

Over the last several years he has innovated Jury Insights Online Research, taking advantage of advanced survey methodology and the reach of internet sampling companies to deliver powerful, reliable and low cost surrogate jury research.

Dr. Cohen has lectured on juror biases and juror psychology related topics to groups of civil and criminal attorneys, including Continuing Legal Education courses, Attorney Round Tables, Inns at Court, and other seminars. His articles have appeared in the Washington State Bar Bulletin and Trial News, and in The Jury Expert. He has appeared as a commentator for local and national broadcasts and has been interviewed about his work in various print, radio and TV media. 

Dr. Cohen is a member of the American Society of Trial Consultants, and the American Psychological Association.

Our firm has used Dr. Cohen a number of times, including Jury Insights Online Research. He provides an invaluable resource for guiding case strategy...
— V.H., Plaintiff Attorney