Alan j. Cohen, Ph.D.   Director, Jury Insights

Alan j. Cohen, Ph.D. 

Director, Jury Insights

Jury Insights Online Research 

Consultant guided research projects...

Dr. Alan Cohen, the Director of Jury Insights, will guide and coach you in developing your project goals, case summary, voir dire questions, verdict questions and post-verdict questions. 

He will then help you understand the implications of your results and apply what you have learned to have a more successful experience in settlement negotiation or trial.

Best risk management tool available...

Although there are many ways to approach jury research, we believe that dollar for dollar, Jury Insights Online Research is the best risk management tool available for understanding potential jury opinion and case valuation. 

Base Fee:  $10,000

Jurors:  100

Jury Insights will take case summary and graphics materials provided by the attorney and create a set of PowerPoint slides and slide notes distilling presentations for both sides of the case. Jury Insights will then produce narrated PowerPoint videos that will become part of the research study.

Alternatively, the attorney may provide self created video presentations and receive a fee reduction.

Juror Insights will work with the attorney to develop up to 50 questions throughout the voir dire, verdict and post-verdict sections. Many of these questions will be multiple choice, ranking or scale format.  Verdict questions may include fill-in the number format for damages and comparative fault. Post-verdict questions may include commentary questions.

Jury Insights will send you a report of charts and tables of your results. 

Dr. Cohen will discuss the meaning of your results with you, and help you in taking the next step of applying what you have learned to the settlement negotiation process or trial.

Fee Reductions or Additions

Reduction for Attorney Videos

As an alternative Jury Insights creating PowerPoint videos from your case summary materials and graphics, you may supply finished video presentations up to 30 minutes in total length in .mp4 format and obtain a substantial fee reduction.

Reduce base fee by $2000

Unusual Complexity and Additional Consultation

Add-on options to base fee. 

Complex Cases

Complex or unique situation? Let's find a solution that works for you. 

For example: 

Two Versions of Same Case

Sometimes a hanging bench ruling or evidence issue might substantially impact case outcome.

You may want to test two versions of the same case within your project.  This can be done by splitting the case material and the jurors into two groups. You can then compare and contrast charts and tables for the results.

This will cost far less than doing two separate projects. 


Post-Project Consultation

As you get closer to actual settlement negotiation or trial, you may want to have additional consultation with Dr. Cohen. 

Dr. Cohen will explore options for follow up consultation after the completion of your Jury Insights Online Research project.