Terms of Service

Scope of Work and Fee

Prior to beginning work, Jury Insights will establish with the Client the scope of work, anticipated completion time schedule and fee for the Client’s Jury Insights Online Research project.

Changes to project scope and/or design may result in time delays and/or a new total fee for the project. 

It is important that the Client provide Jury Insights with all necessary case materials and review Jury Insights’ project drafts for corrections and/or acceptance in a timely manner. 

While the typical time period to move a project from start to completion is about two weeks, the Client’s project may take a longer or shorter time dependent upon many factors outside of Jury Insights’ control.

Payment Schedule

Jury Insights Online Research studies require payment in advance of each of three project segments. Each payment represents one third of the total fee for the project.

  • First Payment is due prior to beginning work.
  • Second Payment is due prior to launching of the research project online.
  • Third Payment is due prior to delivery of the final report.

In the event of Client initiated project termination or postponement, payments made are not refundable.

Hold Harmless

Implications and Inferences from Results

Jury Insights makes no claim or guarantee that results from Jury Insights Online Research and/or consultant recommendations will result in any particular outcome at trial or settlement.

Jury Insights Online Research is fundamentally a tool providing the Client with probabilistic information about jury decision possibilities.

The methods used, analyses applied and any counsel offered to the Client does not imply any actual certainty regarding prediction of litigation outcome. 

Trial outcome is the end result of the dynamic interaction of many changing uncontrollable, or unknowable, variables including court rulings on law and evidence, witness performance and attorney skill.  

In short, Jury Insights Online Research does NOT represent itself to be a trial outcome prediction tool.


Failure to Complete the Client’s Project

It is possible that some event may occur that may interfere with Jury Insights’ ability to complete a Client’s project. Examples of such events include but are not limited to illness, accident, mishap, third party software platform failures, third party sampling failures and/or other technological failures.

If Jury Insights terminates or cannot complete a Jury Insights Online Research project, Jury Insights shall refund all previous payments made by the Client for that project.  

Jury Insights shall not be held liable for any adverse impact upon the Client resulting from failure to complete the project.


While Jury Insights Online Research may be typically protected from discovery as part of the work product doctrine, Jury Insights shall not be held responsible for events that lead to the discovery of the fact of a Jury Insights Online Research project by opposing counsel, media or others.

For example, inquiry from opposing counsel will trigger my disclosure of Jury Insights' conflict of interest. 

Also, while Jury Insights will make reasonable efforts to motivate mock jurors to protect case content using confidentiality agreements, it is beyond Jury Insights’ control to enforce compliance with such agreements.  Therefore, the possibility of discovery of the content of a Jury Insights Online Research project by media or others always exists.

Jury Insights will not knowingly disclose or share case content information or research results of the Client’s case to others without the Client’s permission.

The results of a Jury Insights Online Research project are never available to mock juror participants.

Compliance with Laws Pertaining to Case

Jury Insights does not provide legal counsel of any kind, nor does Jury Insights represent itself as an attorney.  It is the Client’s responsibility to supervise Jury Insights to insure its work does not violate any law, legal rule or ethical guideline pertaining to the Client’s case.  

For example, the Client must be the gatekeeper regarding the use of court sealed documents, protective orders, real names, images and videos.

Communication and Disputes

Please contact Jury Insights immediately if you have any questions regarding any aspect of these arrangements or agreements.

The Client must agree that any unresolvable dispute arising from a Jury Insights’ work will be settled through arbitration through Judicial Dispute Resolution (JDR) located in King County, Washington, the jurisdiction of Jury Insights.

Privacy Policy

We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties our Clients' identifiable information.  This includes third parties who assist us in operating our website and conducting our business.  However, we may also release such information when we believe release is appropriate to comply with the law, or protect ours or others' rights, property, or safety.  Non--personally identifiable information associated with our work for Clients may be provided to other parties for our marketing, advertising, or other uses.