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What our clients have to say about
Jury Insights Online Research

"I have worked with Dr. Cohen as a trial consultant since 1995 on numerous cases. We formerly used focus group style mock juror research before advances in Internet technology made online jury research practical. I believe that Jury Insights Online Research has provided me with reliable, high-quality tool for case assessment delivered at a lower cost than a focus group. I like using 50 or more mock jurors for each project; the results are clear and tangible for my client, while empowering my confident posture during negotiation and settlement."

Steve Pruzan

 "I would work with Dr. Cohen again and wholeheartedly recommend Jury Insights Online Research to other attorneys. The survey results - which turned out to be counter-intuitive to what we had anticipated - made a big difference in how we handled the case.  With Dr. Cohen's help, we learned how to separate favorable jurors from unfavorable ones... Dr. Cohen has an uncanny ability to frame questions that force potential jurors to reveal whether they are open to - or opposed to - [our] theory of the case."

M. W.

"Jury Insights Online Research is an extremely cost-effective, yet powerful tool for both voir dire strategy and testing central, critical trial themes. As a long-time proponent of mock juries for appropriate cases, I would not hesitate to use the Jury Insights Online  Research program again. The efficiency, cost and speed of the program makes its use compelling for matters where alternative, higher-priced approaches would not be justified."

Frank Ferrara

"Dr. Cohen's Jury Insights Online Research provides a significant and unique tools for negotiation and settlement.  The results obtained were instrumental in obtaining an early resolution of the matter."

Debra Bernstein

"Jury Insights Online Research very accurately predicted the outcome of trial. I found the experience to be enlightening and more reliable than the traditional focus group."

Jeff Donchez

"Jury Insights Online  Research is the best tool I’ve found for assessing case value.  Not only is it faster and easier than doing focus groups, it captures the opinions of a much larger sample." 

Kathy Goater

"I am writing to recommend Dr. Alan Cohen's consultation. I have utilized Jury Insights Online Research at least six times in the past decade, the last two occasions using the Online format with a much larger group of jurors. Dr. Cohen is very good at framing the facts of the case and issues to be explored, thus giving the optimum return on our time and expense investment. I have found that this larger group study has provided invaluable insight into case evaluation for settlement negotiation strategy, and developing themes for jury selection, opening statement, and trial. I would definitely use Dr. Cohen's Jury Insights Online Research again."

Mark Honeywell

"Alan Cohen’s Jury Insights Online  Research provided a valuable guide for my case strategy - who to look for among potential jurors, how to frame voir dire questioning on delicate topics and what evidence was going to be the most critical to the case.  Jury Insights Online Research was an excellent predictor of the actual jury verdict."

Alan Peizer

"Our firm has used Dr. Cohen a number of times, including Jury Insights Online  Research. He provides an invaluable resource for guiding case strategy..."

Vern Harkins

I used Jury Insights Online Research with a case in a difficult and unfamiliar jurisdiction. It was an invaluable tool in developing our themes in guiding our case strategy."

Ralph Finizio

"Dr. Cohen's Jury Insights Online Research provided us with a quick, efficient and inexpensive method of exploring jury attitudes and trial themes."

Michael Pfau

"Jury Insights Online Research was an invaluable tool for evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of my case, both in preparing for trial as well as in settlement negotiations."

Steven Reich

"Our firm once again used the services of Dr. Alan Cohen to achieve a successful result in a case. 

We knew exactly the type of person we wanted on our jury, and received a $2.2 million dollar verdict for our client.  Alan conducted Jury Insights Online Research with approximately 100 participants to get us the feedback we needed.  In addition to juror preferences, we were able to analyze the proportionate degrees of fault of all parties concerned.  We also got a feel for the dollar value of the claim. 

We entered the trial with a lot of confidence, having received feedback on the major issues from Alan.

I would recommend Alan’s services with a high degree of confidence and appreciation for what he has done for us.”

Michael J. McKasy

“I enjoyed the opportunity of working with Alan Cohen with Jury Insights Online  Research.  It is always professionally rewarding when you learn from a case.  I learned a lot from this case.  The information we obtained was helpful on many levels during the mediation.  I always felt our clients were reasonable and well-grounded  persons.  Nevertheless, it was very helpful to have the sampling of 100 people to discuss with them during critical times of the mediation.  It permitted our clients to view the case in a more objective manner which is helpful when having to value a wrongful death.  To some degree it took a lot of pressure and stress off of their shoulders when they were able to state, ‘well this is what the focus group reacted to or failed to react to.’  Thanks again.”

John Durkin

I have worked with Dr. Cohen on three recent matters. I believe that Dr. Cohen's Jury Insights Online Research has provided our entity with reliable, high-quality tool for case assessment delivered at a lower cost than a focus group. I really appreciate his thoughtful and realistic approach to case assessment and value.  He is an excellent resource.

Jerry Spears

 "Alan is a pleasure to work with.  I have done Jury Insights Online Research with him several times. He is a quick-study, understands which facts will resonate at trial, and is particularly adept at identifying strengths and weaknesses.  When working with Alan, keep an open mind.  Typically, I let it all hang out – sharing favorable aspects of the case, challenges facing my client, legal hurdles to clear.  Invariably, Alan successfully simplifies complex factual scenarios to reach the heart of the core issue, then assists in finding (and testing) themes that accentuate the positive, while either neutralizing the challenging aspects or, in many cases, turning perceived challenges around."

David Moody

“While I did voir dire, Alan sat at counsel table and tracked all the jurors and I delegated who to strike to him in a trial that just concluded successfully in November of 2012.  This really took all the pressure off me during voir dire.  He also suggested some excellent themes and hypotheticals that I used to good effect.  I really enjoyed working with Dr. Cohen and would recommend him without reservation.”

Andrew Becker

"Alan is our number one resource for anxious divorce clients as we prepare them for their deposition and trial testimony.  His thoughtful approach and ability to work through the individual’s angst to show them their strengths and provide simple tools for focused answers to trained questioners is invaluable.  He has the ability to put the client at ease during an emotionally-charged process so that they can effectively respond in a venue that is typically foreign to them."

Linda Ebberson

"Alan Cohen is a wonderful resource for trial lawyers.  I have used him in several cases to develop themes, assist me in picking jurors, and planning opening statements.  His insights have been extraordinarily helpful."

Jon Zulauf


"My client was a very anxious woman going through a very difficult legal battle.   She was terrified of the unknown courtroom battlefield and felt predetermined to somehow mess up her case based on her anxiety.  Dr. Cohen was hired to help her prepare for trial and transformed my client from an anxious woman to a calm and confident witness.  He listened patiently to her concerns and goals and helped devise a trial strategy as well as fine tune her trial testimony to meet her goals.   Dr. Cohen's efforts on her behalf paid off tenfold in the courtroom and both my client and myself remain grateful to him for his skillful guidance.  I highly recommend Dr. Cohen and have no doubt that he will be of service to me in the future."

M. R.

We highly recommend Alan Cohen for all aspects of trial strategy and deposition prep. As to trial strategy, Alan is very helpful in  determining  what will resonate with a jury . He has an intuitive knack for hearing about the case and instantly brainstorming ideas to make it more appealing to a jury, and to build value.     

When it comes to witness preparation we have never seen anyone better. Alan helped us prepare a young woman for a second deposition with very aggressive defense counsel, where we knew our client would have difficulty. At the deposition our client did very well, and the case settled for seven figures after the deposition.

Alan also recently helped us prepare our brain injured client for his deposition in a complex products liability case. Our client was able to handle the deposition and presented his injury well. The strategies that we have learned from Alan we use in all our tough witness preps to this day.

Cydney Campbell Webster